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Large selection.. Simple, code based reward platform. Branded reward experience.

100+ Magazine Choices

Develop unlimited targeted promotions with our 100+ consumer magazine choices covering 25 categories of interest.

Branded Reward Experience

Reward redemption sites carry brand images throughout the reward redemption portal.

Code Based Reward = Flexibility

Magazine subscription codes can be delivered on a printed card, sent via email, printed on an in-pack/on-pack piece or issued at register. Easy online code redemption.

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Shopper Marketing Strategies

Give shoppers more reason to put your product in their cart by adding $20 in perceived value to your offer.

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Reward Point Programs

Add over 100 magazine choices to any points or miles based reward program by including the Magazine Gold Card as a reward option.

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Employee Rewards

Reward performance or just say "thank you" with a MagazineGoldCard™ gift. A magazine gift becomes a monthly reminder of the rewarding experience.

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Online Engagement

Lift key metrics and increase profits. The added value of low-cost magazine subscriptions increases conversions, average orders and click-throughs.

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The enduring appeal of magazines.

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